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In 2011, fifty years after 555 Madison was erected, the Coates family still owns the building. As we mark the building's golden anniversary, we are also looking ahead by continuing our efforts to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint, and refurbishing the building's exterior to preserve its character while updating its look for the twenty-first century and beyond.

In 2006, 555 Madison became the first building in the Plaza District to install a “green” hot water heating system, powered by fourteen solar thermal panels on the roof. Today, this system provides 80% of the hot water in the building's upper tower.

Since 2007, the building has been a committed participant in the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership, whose members pledge to purchase at least 15% of their energy from green power sources. As part of this commitment, we have upgraded the building's fan systems with energy-efficient motors and variable frequency drives which adjust the volume of air moved throughout the building according to demand. All stairwells have been retrofitted with energy-saving lighting. In the restrooms, water-efficient sinks and toilets help to reduce water consumption. A new steam consumption monitoring system controls steam demand and consumption of the heating and cooling system. These efforts paid off in 2009 when 555 Madison earned its first Energy Star Rating: a rating of 76.

An Updated Look for 555 Madison

Along with ongoing work to improve our building's environmental sustainability, 555 Madison is also undergoing an aesthetic transformation. Designed by Rivkin-Weisman Architects, the upgraded facade and lobby will modernize the building's appearance while preserving the unique character of the 1961 original.

The alterations to the facade will amplify the bronze and stainless steel elements used throughout the structure and accentuate its composition. A new, transparent lobby front will connect the space with the streetscape outside and offer a greater spirit of welcome to tenants and visitors as they enter the building. Newly configured security stations will facilitate smoother movement through the lobby space. And the newly modeled illuminated ceiling - powered by energy-efficient LED lighting - will provide a softened source of light while enhancing the ambient brightness of the interior and the unique design elements.


25th Floorplan - 5,829 RSF
15th Floorplan - 15,391 RSF
14th Floorplan - 5,941 RSF
13th Floorplan - 4,209 RSF
12th Floorplan - 7,470 RSF
10th Floorplan - 23,176 RSF
9th Floorplan - 23,176 RSF
8th Floorplan - 23,176 RSF
5th Floorplan - 25,246 RSF
4th Floorplan - 25,246 RSF
3rd Floorplan - 25,246 RSF
2nd Floorplan - 22,063 RSF

An Address of Prestige.

555 Madison Avenue, The Coates Building, is an quality class A building located it the heart of the prestigious Plaza district. Situated between 55th and 56th streets on Madison Avenue, it is surrounded by world class restaurants, hotels, shops and cultural venues. Nearby sights include The Museum of Modern Art, Central Park, The Plaza, Lever House and The Seagrams Building.

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   John M. Kokkins, Morris, Lapidus, Harrle & Liebman

Completion Date



Number of Floors


Building Size

   450,531 rsf

Typical Floor Areas

Floors 2 - 7 25,250
Floors 8 - 11 23,170
Floors 12 - 13 10,900
Floors 14 - 16 15,200
Floors 17 - 21 9,733
Floors 22 - 32 5,829

Ceiling Heights

slab-to-slab 10 ft 4"     floor-to-ceiling min. 8 ft 6" max. 8ft 10"


There are six passenger elevators serving the lower floors (2 - 4). Each has a capacity of 3,500 lbs and runs at a speed of 500 FPM. Four passenger elevators serve the upper floors. These have a capacity of 2,500 lbs and run at a speed of 800 FPM. There are two service elevators each with a capacity of 2,500 lbs and one key controlled swing elevator serves the sub-cellar.
Service elevator #9: Opening: 42" W x 84" H Inside: 78" x 44" x 92" H
Service elevator #11: Door: 48" W x 84" H Inside: 68" x 51" x 88 " H

Design Load

   Live Load @ 50lbs per sq ft.

Column Spacing

   Average 23" x 21"

Window Mullion Spacing

   51" - 58" (center-to-center)

Window Dimensions

   52" W x 82" H

Window Glazing

   43.3125" W x 74" H to 49.0 W x 74"H


Current capacity stands at 2,880 amps or 2,290 kw at 265/460 volts via two separate 3 phase. 4 wire bus ducts, for an average of 7.0 watts per sq. ft.


A new key card access turnstile system is being implemented in the lobby. Uniformed security guards control the concierge desk 24/7.

Tenant Access

Lobby key card access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm The chilled water plant consists of two 380-ton high pressure steam absorbers and one 600 ton Worthington centrifugal steam driven turbine chiller; a 1,200 ton Philips induced draft cooling tower; two chilled water pumps; two condenser water pumps; and a stand by pump for either chilled or condenser water service as required. All floors are equipped with peripheral air units, each with its own filter and controls. In addition, five central air handlers provide air to the main lobby and interior areas on all floors.


All floors have access to the buildings fiber optics. The telecommunications provider is Verizon. Incoming service is provided at cellar level with two closets on each tenant floor. Timer Warner is our cable provider.

Building Amenities

On-site management, internet based tenant work order system and visitor processing system.






     Robert Baraf
     (212) 841-7674

     Mark Mandell
     (212) 841-7890

     Ethan Silverstein
     (212) 698-2694